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Surveillance Cameras:

Why you want them installed in your home or office... picture this, sorry, this may hurt a little, you left for work in the morning and it's just some idle Tuesday. While you were gone; since this is your routine, someone broke into your home. They sneak around back, the dog follows them as they break into your window and start thrashing your bedroom looking for jewelry and money.

This is very unpleasant and you feel violated, at least now you have some video footage of the thieves. You can give that to the police for them to catch the thieves. Imagine you didn't have the cameras. How much more unpleasant, you have nothing to give the police, and the thieves wore gloves.

Here are some other benefits to a camera system. Whether you want a stand alone system viewable on any TV, or want a system which you can view and access from the internet we have the right solution for you.

1. Are you expecting a package? You can monitor your front door, or see who's there.

2. Has someone vandalized your office? You can rewind the video and see who it was.

3. When on vacation, ever wondered how the house was while you were gone? You can view it on your smart phone or computer that has internet access. 

Below are some more camera advantages & system features:
  • Remote Viewing
  • Up to 60 Days of Recording
  • Expandable in Groups of Four
  • Motion Detection Recording
  • High Resolution Recording
  • Video Picture Adjustments
  • Multi Camera Playback
  • Multi Camera Viewing
  • Proven Performance
  • Password Protected
  • Audio Recording
  • Alarm Monitoring

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