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Audio: Whole House Audio, Surround Sound Systems

We all love some music; whether it be obnoxiously loud or soothing background music to give us a good feeling when we are at home. There is something about music, it has so much beauty and emotion, it is something that we acknowledge and feel even as infants. Music is a language of every culture across the planet; music is a part of us.

Whole House Audio:
Ok, whole house audio, sounds pretty simple yet, confusing all at the same time. Here's how it works. Let's say, you have a radio, CD Player, Internet Radio, and a Digital Jukebox. These are all hidden in a cabinet in your home. When you get home, you want to have some background music while you are in you kitchen fixing dinner or maybe you want to finish up some work so you are in your home office. All you have to do is walk over towards the light switch and there is a keypad next to it, turn it on and choose your source. If you want change the volume, simply press the volume up or down. One of the really cool features of going digital,ie internet radio/digital jukebox, is the ability to control your stations or songs right from your smartphone; yes, they make an app for that. You'll can even get album art, artists name, and info about what you are listening to.If you are listening to the jukebox in your office, someone else can listen to the same in a different room, or they can change sources to the other choices you have in your home.

Whole House Audio Systems can include:
  • Digital Jukebox
  • Ipod/Ipad/MP3 Player etc
  • Compact Disc Player
  • Mini Disc Player
  • AM-FM Tuner
  • Satellite or Cable Radio
  • Tape Player/Recorder
  • Phonograph
  • Wireless Headphones
  • Infrared Remote Control

Surround Sound Systems:
Most of us have been to a movie theater and fell in love with the experience; I mean, it is a multi-billion dollar industry. While in the theater you've noticed helicopters fly from behind you, over your head, and onto the screen. You've also probably heard a gun shot come from in front and ricochet off the wall to your side. Why not have that same experience in your living room, watching it on your Big Flat Panel TV mounted on the wall? The feeling of bass rumbling your couch, as you sit in your PJ's, watching a dinosaur come into frame on the TV.

Let's face it, the speakers in TVs are... what's a good word... audible? It definitely isn't surround sound! We have many solutions for many of your different preferences. We can do the "I want the biggest and best" to the "I want to experience it, but not see it" and anything in between. This is YOUR home, we want you to have what YOU want.

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